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Below you will find files of the meeting minutes.

SAIABoard of Directors Meeting Minutes- Monday August 17thPresent:

Meeting Called to order at 7:40, 6+ Quorum met, the July Minutes were accepted as presented.Treasurer ReportFinance CommitteeBuilding and Grounds:

Barb is doing well with rentals of the clubhouse as it brought in seven hundred dollars plus for the month of August. The ceiling tile project continues. Tiles are being picked out and deciding on options for install, whether it be a paid volunteer or volunteers.Entertainment and Hospitality:

During the month of September all four officers will be up for re-election. New Business:

A crab feast would be a fun community event, however price of tickets/crabs has been in question. We discussed what “folks” might pay for all you can eat crabs, wondering what would work. Possibly charging more for non-members vs. members. Kenny and Roger will discuss.9/12/15

Movie Night will be sometime in October.

Open to ideas for a speaker for the next general meeting!

Thanks! Community Flea Market, volunteers welcome to assist. Reservations for spaces are being taken currently. If folks want a table from our clubhouse, it is first come first serve. A small grill will be there, the Robison’s will bring down. Welcome Wagon has an ambassador, Mary Beth Pagnelli will head this up and is possibly working on a community Directory. A possibility that small business’ can advertise here (preferably those who own and also live in the neighborhood). Thanks to Chris for continued work on the access at the end of Shore Acres Road. Also, thanks to those volunteers who have been maintaining our beach this season. : Currently have 187 Members, and 78 Boat Ramp Permits, as of 8/17. Cyndy is weighing the cost of another mailing to get more Members ( 3 away from our goal), possibly mailing in September.: $ 12, 329.41 in checking. $10, 227.72 in money market accounts.
Roger, Glenette, Cyndy, Henry, Judith, Ann, Barb, Becca