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       The subdivisions of Shore Acres, Adams Point, Weatherly, and various parcels of land in between are all served by the Shore Acres Improvement Association.  Membership and facilities of the SAIA are available to their residents and property owners.  Weatherly also has its own community association and facilities unique to it.  “Shore Acres Estates,” although part of the Shore Acres subdivision, has an association for the purposes of maintaining the street on which the homes sit and regulating its appearance.

       The Shore Acres Improvement Association owns and maintains a community beach for all residents and property owners regardless of whether they are members of the Association. The principal portion of beach is located at the eastern end of Forest Drive.  From Shore Acres Road, turn onto Lake Drive.  Go to the end of Lake Drive and turn right (don't make the left before you get to the end of Lake Drive; that goes the wrong way).   Go to the end.  A portion of the beach is also located across the boat channel, between the gravel road and the lake.  It can be reached by going nearly to the end of Shore Acres Road, and following the gravel drive on the left, behind the houses there.  

       The Association also maintains a boat ramp at the beach.  It is available to Association members for $45 a year (in addition to the annual membership fee).

       A clubhouse is located on Magothy Ave.  It is equipped with a kitchen and has spacious grounds.  It can accommodate 138 seated for a meeting, or 70 at tables.  It can be rented for a weekend evening by Association members for $150, or by nonmembers for $200.  Rates for shorter rentals or weeknights are negotiable.  Follow Shore Acres Road.  Make a right onto Magothy Avenue.  The clubhouse is on the right.

       On the clubhouse grounds is a recreation field and playground available to all Shore Acres residents and property owners regardless of whether they are members of the Association.

       Details on each facility can be found in their respective subsections under 'Facilities' on the menu to the left.

Note concerning services from the Association       

       Some of the services and facilities made available to the community by the Association are only for members and/or those who have paid for the privilege.  From time to time, an individual may obtain the privilege on the assurance that he or she has paid or will paid the fee or membership dues required.  In the event that it turns out that the promised fee or dues is not paid, the family in question is deemed to owe the sum to the Association.  Any family owing money to the Association as of the end of the fiscal year is deemed to be in arrears at that time.  The Association will not provide the family in arrears any service that is at its discretion to provide until the arrears, plus an additional fee of $20 is paid.