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       The clubhouse exists for the benefit of the Shore Acres community. The SAIA uses it for its board and general meetings, as well as for social events and community services such as the dumpsters and flea market. The clubhouse is also available to members, nonmembers, and nonresidents for private use. Members may rent the clubhouse for $150 for a weekend evening. Nonmembers, whether residents or nonresidents, may rent it for $200. Negotiated rates are available for events that require less time than a full evening.  Civic or charitable groups may at the Board’s discretion be allowed to use the facility for meetings without charge on a space available basis if one of the members belongs to the Association.

       The Association can also rent out its folding metal chairs and tables to members.  And it has a ten-by-ten canopy that can be borrowed for a small fee.

       To rent the clubhouse, a contract must be signed, and a deposit is due at the time the contract is signed (the deposit will also double as a damage and cleanup deposit). The rental payment is due in advance. 

       In the case of a civic or charitable group using the clubhouse for meetings, an Association member must be participating in the activity, and must act as representative for the group in contracting with SAIA for the clubhouse's use.