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       The Association maintains three announcement signs: a large one at the junction of Shore Acres Road and Deep Creek Avenue, and two small ones at the beach and recreation field.  The announcement signs exist for the benefit of the Shore Acres Improvement Association exclusively.  In general, only SAIA-sponsored events, or events the SAIA wants to advertise, shall be posted on the signs.  

       There are five reasons for this restriction.  First, we have an obligation to the households nearest the signs to keep them attractive; and that generally means a fairly uniform style and presentation and lack of clutter.  Second, we need to exercise control to prevent inappropriate messages from being erected and avoid the appearance of sponsoring or approving of activities advertised.  Third, without regulation, announcements may cover up previous announcements, may be left to deteriorate, and may not be removed when the advertised event has occurred.  Fourth, in the case of the big sign at the top of the hill, we must guarantee that the announcements on it can be easily read from a passing automobile without the need to stop, slow down, or get close.  And fifth, our own announcements require space and take priority over anyone else's use of the sign; even when the sign appears to be empty, it may be scheduled for use within the time period someone else hopes to use it, requiring the removal of their message.

       There are two exceptions.  First, the sign may provide directions to the clubhouse by someone who is renting the facility.  Second, the sign may provide notice of something time-sensitive and critical that otherwise cannot get the immediate attention of members of the community, such as a lost or found (or stolen) animal, briefcase, purse, etc.  But these exceptions are subject to the following conditions.

Rules of the announcement signs:

¬      The notice must be posted on behalf of a member of the Association (or in the case of #1, a renter of the clubhouse).  Non-members or non-renters may not use the signs, regardless of the reason. 

¬      There must be room on the sign; no private notice may cover an SAIA announcement or be placed anywhere else on the sign but the notice board part.

¬      Notices on the big board must be readable from a passing auto.  Approximately 250 point type is a required minimum.

¬      The poster must commit to a definite period of time that the notice will stay up, and remove it at the end of that time (and understand that if a scheduled SAIA announcement is going up, the private posting will be removed automatically).

¬      The announcement must be pre-approved.  This may be done by checking with Paul Plummer at 410-757-3894.  Any announcement failing to meet this standard will be removed even if it meets all other standards.

       All unauthorized signs or signs violating the conditions above will be removed, regardless of who has placed them there or the reason for doing so.